EBM 2.0 released: Evidence Based Medicine Needs a Reboot

EBM 2.0 is a new Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) project aimed at fundamentally changing the way we practice and interpret EBM.

Recent revelations have demonstrated that our modern EBM approach over the last few decades (i.e. “EBM 1.0”) was fatally flawed resulting in gross misrepresentation of the true value of published clinical findings. Put simply, we thought that most published findings were true but it has turned out they were mostly false and sadly many aspects of of our medical practice are now based on these false findings.

“EBM 1.0 was riddled with bugs, does not function and is no longer supported – continued use of EBM requires an update to EBM 2.0”

I have discussed how and why this occurred and suggested how we need to move forward as a medical community in this talk:

“Evidence Based Fraud & the End of Statistical Significance”

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