– Evidence Based Medicine Needs a Reboot –

“EBM 1.0 was riddled with bugs, does not function and is no longer supported.

Continued use of EBM requires an update to EBM 2.0″

EBM 2.0 is a new collaborative Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) project aimed at fundamentally changing the way we practice and interpret EBM.

Recent revelations have demonstrated that our modern EBM approach over the last few decades (i.e. “EBM 1.0”) was fatally flawed resulting in gross misrepresentation of the true value of published clinical findings. Put simply, we thought that most published findings were true but it has turned out they were mostly false and unfortunately many aspects of our medical practice are now based on these false findings.

The flaws in EBM 1.0 are due to several statistical misunderstandings, including an underestimation of bias and its effect on the validity of statistical tests, as well as a fundamentally incorrect interpretation of the p value.

I have discussed how and why this occurred and suggested how we need to move forward as a medical community in this talk

“Evidence Based Fraud & the End of Statistical Significance”

These revelations in the talk are game changing for the practice of medicine and as such this talk and/or the source articles are recommended essential viewing for:

  • All doctors …
  • Across all specialties …
  • In all countries (though note currently talk is only English)

Please note that EBM 2.0 refers to the practice and interpretation of medical research. This is a deliberately narrow definition, in keeping with general clinician usage of the term EBM, in order to provide a necessary focus for change. It is however only 1 of the 3 important pillars of Sackett’s broader, more holistic definition of Evidence Based Medicine which incorporates clinician judgement and patient values and preferences.

Spread the Word

Please share this EBM 2.0 project widely so we can start conversations with our colleagues and effect real change in the way we conduct and interpret EBM.

Share the website EBM2point0.com and tweet about this with hashtag #EBM2. Advocate that you support #EBM2 (eg. in your twitter profile).

Additionally, on request, I’m happy to present the above talk virtually (or if practical in person) to assist in spreading this information via medical conferences. I can deliver “abridged” versions to suit shorter time constraints.

This is the start, not the end of a project that may need progressive modification. Comments and feedback welcome below. Collaboration keenly encouraged via our Contact Page.

Warm Regards,

Dr Anand Senthi
MBBS, MAppFin, GradCertPubHlth, FRACGP, FACEM
Specialist Emergency Physician & EBM 2.0 “Enthusiast”

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