FOAM Resources

FOAM = Free Open Access Meducation and represents the entirety of online free medical education resources including blogs, podcasts, etc.

The volume of new medical information is overwhelming for the clinician. Fortunately there are some extraordinary clinicians providing exceptional insights into this information, summarising new data and providing excellent topic reviews.

Plug into FOAM and you won’t be left behind.

Here’s just a small selection of great FOAM resources in the Acute Care & Critical Care space, listed in alphabetical order:



Don’t forget the bubbles (paeds EM)

Emcrit including PulmCrit and EMNerd



Emergucate including ECG Case & Imaging Case of the Week and Lab Cases

Life in the Fast Lane


St Emlyn’s

The Internet Book of Critical Care

  • the first free online book of critical care

Ultrasound Podcast


ECG Specific

Get the core knowledge from LITFL ECG Library then learn from real life cases here:

Dr Smith’s ECG blog

ECG of the Week